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We love choirs. Get to know the team behind an easier vocal life!

Picture of Eirik Stien

Eirik Stien



Eirik Stien trained at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) as an engineer and has a MSc specialising in communication technology and information security. Despite his young age, he's been building software for 20 years.

As a tenor in the Norwegian choir Oslokoret, Eirik wanted to make choir life easier for his fellow singers during the pandemic, and so ChoirMate was born.

Eirik is passionate about both technology and choirs alike and hopes ChoirMate can make life easier for singers and conductors worldwide.

Get in touch, anytime.

Picture of Dyveke Wedel Kuløy

Dyveke Wedel Kuløy



Dyveke Wedel Kuløy has a BA Hons in Music (performing arts) from LIPA and is currently finishing her professional masters in Innovative Choir leadership at RAMA.

She's been active as a conductor since 2009 and conducts the young and ambitious A!Choir in Fredrikstad, Norway. In addition she's a recording artist with two albums below her belt and a third releasing in 2023.

As a musician and conductor Dyveke has inside knowledge of what choirs need and her passion is to make vocal life easier for singers and conductors alike.

Dyveke is a proud ambassador for ChoirMate where she contributes with her marketing experience. Would you like Dyveke to visit you and your choir? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Picture of Vinh Nguyen

Vinh Nguyen

Board member


Vinh has a MSc of Commerce/Business Studies from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), specialising in finance. He has several years experience as a business consultant for several of the biggest Norwegian business concerns. Vinh loves numbers, structure, product development and solving complex problems. He's head of business development in the startup Folq where his responsibilities include international expansion, partnership and analysis.

Vinh has been part of the choir world for more than a decade and is currently a second bass and administrative leader of the vocal ensemble Vokalgruppen Host.

He's been an ambassador for ChoirMate since the beginning and will continue to support us by contributing with his experience in startup development, building scalable products, organisation development and finance.

ChoirMate Logo Package

The ChoirMate Logo Package is available for choirs and related organizations seeking to visually align with ChoirMate in their promotional or operational materials. This package includes various formats and sizes of the ChoirMate logo, catering to diverse branding needs. It is designed for easy integration into your choir's existing branding or for use in new materials. You are welcome to link to our website at for further information or resources. The package is complimentary and can be used to represent your association with ChoirMate visually.