Terms of service

Last updated: November 10th 2022

Thank you for using ChoirMate! ChoirMate is a service that gathers all your choir needs in one place.


  • You own your own data, they are safely stored at our cloud provider and will never be shared with anyone else without your consent
  • The service, app, functionality and terms will be continuously updated to deliver the best service possible
  • The service can be utilized free of charge. If you are an individual who chooses to upgrade to an individual subscription you can cancel this the same way you cancel other subscriptions in the App Store or Google Play. If you are part of a group package you can get in touch with us directly to cancel.
  • The service is delivered 'as is'. We provide no guarantees or take any responsibility for the utilization of the app, except for what we are responsible for by law

Here are the details


ChoirMate is owned by Sounds Good AS in Norway. When you download ChoirMate you agree to these terms and conditions. This is an agreement between you and Sounds Good AS, not between you and Apple or Google. Sounds Good AS has the sole responsibility for the contents of the service.

You are responsible for any agreements with third party vendors when using ChoirMate, for example your mobile phone operator or internet provider.

You own your own data

Any private information or data you enter into ChoirMate belongs to you.
Privacy and security is important to us. You can read our privacy policy here.

You are renting access to the service

As long as your user account is active, you have a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferrable and temporary license to use ChoirMate. What features you can access varies, depending on whether you're using the free version or pay for a subscription. The access does not grant you any form of ownership of the service or its content. You can not lend, sell or copy any part of the service or its content. You can not utilize ChoirMate in any other way than what is already stated in Apple and Googles terms and conditions for App Store and/or Google Play.

The service is updated regularly with new content, functionality and bug fixes. We can remove or change any content and any functions at any time. This also means that in rare cases the service can be unavailable or, in a worst case scenario, terminated completely.

You can cancel your subscription and stop using the service at any given time. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you're having difficulties that make you want to stop using ChoirMate, in most cases we'll be able to help you solve your issue. Should you still want to cancel your subscription you can cancel your personal subscription via Apple Store or Google Play. Simply deleting the app will not cancel your subscription. If your subscription is part of a group package, please reach out to us by email to cancel.

Maltreatment and criminal offense

We strive for ChoirMate to be a useful and positive platform for all parties.

Any form of illegal, ethically unacceptable, copyrighted or harmful content, material and activity is prohibited. Non-exclusive examples are attempts to circumvent the security mechanisms, attempts to attack the service or its users, break ins, destruction or theft of data or attempting to use the service in other ways than the intended use of the interface.

In the event of breach of any of these terms, we reserve the right to immediately remove, shut down and terminate access to the service.

Limitation of liability

We strive to make using ChoirMate as good an experience as possible for all our users. You agree to the terms and conditions, understanding that the service is delivered as is. Except for what we are required to provide by law, we don't make any guarantees or take any responsibility for use of the service. For example, we don't give any guarantees regarding accessibility, functionality or guarantee that the service is bug free. We are not liable for any injuries or damages that might occur. In accepting the terms and conditions you understand you're using the service at your own risk. If there are any guarantees or demands not dismissable by law, Sounds Good AS bears the sole responsibility for these, and Apple or Google Play are not liable for any misconduct.

Intellectual property rights

In the event that ChoirMate is legally obligated to cover any liability for damages, it is Sounds Good AS and Sounds Good AS alone that are liable. Google Play or Apple store will not be liable for any damages. In the event of liability for damages, Sounds Good AS will hold responsibility for any and all investigation, defense and liability settlement in the case of violation of the rights of the intellectual property belonging to a third party.

Third party recipients

By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to Apple or Google or their subsidiary enforcing these terms and conditions for apps running on their platforms.

U.S. Legal Compliance

You guarantee that you:

  1. are not localized in a country subjected to an american government embargo or area or country that has been appointed as supporting terrorism by the american government, and
  2. are not on any list of prohibited or limited parties of the american government


Paying customers with an active subscription can contact us at support@choirmate.com. Apple or Google are not responsible for any support or maintenance.

Age limitations

You must be 16 or older to use this service. If you are below the statuated age limitation, you must go through these terms and conditions with a parent or legal guardian and have them contact us for consent. You can do this by sending an email to support@choirmate.com.

Terms and conditions, services and pricing is subject to change

We are constantly working to develop and better ChoirMate and as a result terms and conditions, the service itself and the cost of utilizing the service, may be subject to change. Paid functionality and free functionality is subject to change. Where possible, we will try to inform you of any changes in advance. Bigger changes will be notified via email.


That's all. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us by sending an email to support@choirmate.com. If you prefer contacting us by mail, you can reach us by sending your letter to:
Sounds Good AS
Rosendalsveien 52
1166 Oslo